Autodesk AutoCAD 2014 for Mac OS X

AutoCAD helps you design and shape everything around you. With powerful and flexible features, AutoCAD 2014 is one of the leading 2D and 3D design tools.

Maximize productivity using powerful design tools, and connect and streamline your design workflow with specific documentation. In addition, you can expand your design ideas with powerful new features of AutoCAD 2014, such as sharing your designs with multiple people; Work efficiently with new documentation enhancements.


2D and 3D CAD tools for design and documentation

Autodesk AutoCAD 2014 software is designed with a new interface and many advanced tools to help enhance your workflow and connect your unique design ideas with the world around you with real-time recording. economy and online maps.


  • Feed designed to support social collaboration. (New)
  • Synchronize files and custom settings.
  • Import Autodesk Inventor models.
  • Use the built-in connections for Facebook and Twitter to share.
  • Design sharing and reuse is easy thanks to PDF support.
  • Stay connected via website or mobile device.
  • Convert DWG files from AutoCAD-based applications.
  • Select and edit the specified surface material.
  • Store and share CAD files with DWG technology.
  • Send the AutoCAD model to a 3D printer to create a physical prototype.


  • Customize software with companion apps.
  • AutoCAD 2014 comprehensive support for Windows 8. (New)
  • Customization and file sync support.
  • Share and access customization options.
  • Programming UI for each application through flexible development platform.
  • Can optimize UI for each user.
  • Integrate AutoCAD software into the workflow.
  • Offers a variety of integrated solutions.
  • Automate repetitive tasks without CAD Manager.


  • Connect your design to the real world environment. (New)
  • Attach cloud project or scan file.
  • Extract surface curves.
  • Enhance your workflow with built-in features.
  • Create design ideas in any form through the 3D form designer.
  • Quick access to most essential tools.
  • Capture the continuity between different surfaces.
  • Change settings and views.
  • Define sequenced objects when designing in 3D.
  • Use multifunction grids to change the UCS icon.
  • Edit and validate models from multiple sources.


  • Smart command line support.
  • Quickly switch between open drawings. (New)
  • Access tools to create Section, Detail viewer.
  • Preview changes to object properties.
  • Access data files faster through Autodesk Content Explorer.
  • Import models, create intelligent documents.
  • Maintain relationships between sequenced objects.
  • Speed ​​up document making time with the Blend tool.
  • Quickly generate non-linear associative arrays.
  • Delete duplicate objects in the drawing.
  • Bring content directly to the AutoCAD workspace with Autodesk Exchange for AutoCAD.
  • Identify persistent relationships between objects.
  • Save time with the previewer.
  • Apply transparency to a layer, block, or object.
  • Create objects with automatic resizing.
  • Organize drawings, minimizing steps for posting.
  • Create and edit multiple leaders, add lines to objects.

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Autodesk AutoCAD 2014 for Mac OS X


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