Battlefield 2 – Classic Shooter

Series of action (shooting) games – specialized in multiplayer – Battlefield.

It was a huge success, attracting a large number of fans. The reason the Battlefield series has created such a fever is because the manufacturers have succeeded in hitting the desire: having a large “battlefield”, multiplayer at the same time, freedom in action as well as multiplayer. controllable form of military equipment. It is these factors, Battlefield 1942 has proven its “strength” next to the “giants” of the online shooter series such as: Counter Strike, Unreal Tournament

A new and pretty feature of Battlefield 2 is a game that will allow the player to run for the position of Commander in each level. The nomination depends on the level of each person (accumulate experience through the process of fighting to level up like in a real army). As Commander, the player is provided with a panoramic view of the entire battlefield, suitable for using support functions for teammates such as Scan (scanning the entire battlefield), Artillery (calling artillery). Or call in unmanned aerial vehicles to spy on a certain area.

Battlefield 2


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