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Blades of Time conveys the game circuit to the player through a traditional 3rd person perspective. This is the main factor that makes it easier for you to move and fight. In addition, gamers will also have a broader view of the battlefield.

Avoid spinning when you have to deal with too many enemies.


Focusing mainly on action, Blades of Time makes a strong impression with “landslides” combos that anyone who sees it must shudder. In addition, developer Gaijin Entertainment also supports unlocking new combos if gamers reach certain milestones. Indeed, this is a new feature of Blades of Time compared to many other products on the market.


As introduced, coming to Blades of Time, players will have the opportunity to become the “lord” of time with the powerful “time-clone” move. In a word, this feature helps you to rewind time and clone like Sun Wukong to distract the opponent and lose the necessary attention. Thanks to that, you can easily defeat the enemy. This is indeed an extremely powerful weapon and you should make full use of it to increase Ayumi’s advantage.


The graphics of Blades of Time are extremely beautiful. First of all, the image of the character Ayumi with her sexy appearance and attractive body is portrayed extremely vividly, promising to make any guy “craving” when he sees it. In addition, the game environment with vivid landscapes is also reproduced realistically and sharply. In addition, the impressive and epic skill effects make Blades of Time even more attractive.


Configuration required:

  • OSX: 10.7 – 10.9 (tested on 10.9.4 and 10.10.3)
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Graphics: AMD 6750M or GeForce 9600
  • HDD: 4 GB

Blade of Time Limited Edition


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