Brutal Legend – Adventure game, exciting action

Game Brutal Legend is known as an interesting action game. With the heroic action of the main character, creating a heroic image.

Brutal Legend game mac

Brutal Legend revolves around the story of a guy Eddie Rigg, a technician who organizes excellent tours (Roadie) in the rock music world. Ironic because despite being a talented person, the band he collaborates with – Kabbage Boy, is a “bad” Heavy Metal band and is about to expire. During a performance, a member of the Kabbage Boy, while in high spirits, accidentally fell on Eddie and injured him. Blood from Eddie’s wound seeps into the belt his father left behind, inadvertently awakening the monster Ormagöden. The monster gets angry and kills the band except for Eddie, then transports him into a parallel world where he lives.

Brutal Legend game mac2
The strange thing is that when entering the new world, Eddie finds that everything, from the landscape to the inhabitants and creatures living here, has the shape and style of Rock music that he is so familiar with in the world. human world. This strange Rock world is filled with supernatural phenomena, with all kinds of magic and demonic appearances. Eddie happens to be acquainted with Ophelia, Lars and Lita and reads inscriptions at the temple of the Titans that he will be the “savior” for the people of this world from the harsh rule of the lord. Tainted Coil region – Doviculus and his henchman General Lionwhyte…

Brutal Legend game mac3

Note: Use Betterzip to extract and then copy to Application folder and run the file. If there is an error during the decompression process, select Go on to continue


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