CadSoft EAGLE Professional – Electrical circuit design and drawing software on Mac

CadSoft Eagle is a software to assist in drawing and manufacturing electronic circuits of CadSoft Computer (Germany). This software supports printed circuit design allowing users to draw schematic diagrams and then convert to printed circuit diagrams automatically. This program can let you create your own library as well as design printed circuit boards up to 16 layers and possibly up to 64 layers depending on the version you use.

CadSoft EAGLE allows you to create wiring layouts, central processing units, and other electronic components on your PCB. This application provides Schematic Editor, Layout Editor, Library Editor, and Autorouter components to help you design your PCB. You can use the module to modify any of the various elements of the PCB, such as layers, waypoints, and object properties. The program includes other features such as self-defined commands, simulation, and data input and output functions.

home schematic

Features of Professional version:

  • Features are not limited.
  • Design circuit board with size 1600x1600mm (64x64inch).
  • Design with 16 layers.
  • 999 sheets per schematic.

The program includes:

  • Module Diagram – a module for concept generation. It has a convenient interface, a grid for the arrangement of components and power lines, elements of drawings on paper.
  • Editor interface – PCB Editor. Allows you to place components on the future of PP, has error checking, auxiliary lines to simplify the process of using routing means applying markings on the PCB.
  • Autorouter – a module for automatic routing of printed circuit boards. A large number of settings allow you to enhance the quality
  • Library Editor – very flexible and comfortable editing.

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