CSSDesigner – Powerful, Full-featured CSS Design Tool

CSS Designer is a powerful and complete CSS design tool. CSSDesigner takes full advantage of the latest Mac technologies, for blazing speed

The tool allows you to visually and animated CSS design, draw, color, apply various effects, or create professional products with ease.


  • Create CSS3 (CSS2) effects quickly and easily
  • Edit and apply some special effects to the selected area
  • Select and remove unwanted elements in your CSS design.
  • Copy one layer to another layer.
  • Top-notch drawing tool:
  • Drawing with CSSDesigner is like drawing on canvas
  • Use different sizes and shapes
  • Customize CSS settings to get what you need
  • Compatibility:
  • Open and save CSS formats
  • Open and save CSS with MAC-specific layer

CSS Designer uses several technologies of Mac OS such as Cocoa, OpenGL, OpenCL, Core Image, Grand Central Dispatch, 64-bit, and full-screen. And CSSDesigner’s is optimized for Retina displays.


CSSDesigner 4.7.2


CSSDesigner 5.0



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