Detailed drug guide Parallel Desktop 18 delicious [Cả Intel vs M1, M2]

Just found this version, checked deliciously on both M1 and Intel. You just need to read carefully and in detail according to the instructions below

Step 1: Download the installer and drug file at the following link:


Step 2: Open the downloaded file, install Parallel as usual, the installation step I do not have detailed instructions to compete for a long article.

Step 3: After installation is complete Copy directory thuoc out Desktop

Step 4: Open Terminal and run each of the following commands in turn:

cd desktop/thuoc

chmod +x ./ && sudo ./

Note 1: After running the 2nd command, enter the login password (at the time of typing does not show anything, just type it correctly)

Note 2: Anyone who is preinstalling Parallel Desktop from the home page, available windows, using Pd Runner with a self-Suspend error, just need to do it from step 3.

That’s it. Then reopen Parallel Desktop is ok


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