Detailed instructions for installing Windows 11 on Mac using Parallels Desktop 18

Parallel Desktop 18 has just had a very delicious version on both M1 and Intel, today I updated this tutorial so that you can install Windows on Mac with the most standard Parallel.

Step 1. Download Parallel Desktop 18 with genuine medicine here


Step 2: Open the downloaded file, open the Parallel Desktop 18.xx file. Then press Install to install as usual. At the time of installation, if you encounter the screen that requires Update, close and select as shown

After the installation is complete, you will see the screen below then stop.

Step 3: Leave that screen as is. Reopen the downloaded file in step 1. Copy directory thuoc out Desktop

Step 4. Open Terminal and run the following 2 commands in turn:

Open Terminal and run each of the following commands in turn:

cd desktop/thuoc

chmod +x ./ && sudo ./

The screen is currently successful, if you encounter any other errors or want to check if the drug is successful, read this post again to see if you have the same error: Parallel Desktop 18 drug detailed guide. [Cả Intel vs M1, M2]

Note: There is a high probability that after the drug is completed, the first opening will hang on the Starting screen, you just need to Quit and then open it 1 more time.

Step 5: Reopen Parallel and install Windows 11 as usual. Parallel’s built-in Windows 11 autoload feature can be used or the ISO file depends on you. Encourage anyone to click on the word Intall Windows always.

Wait about 5-15 minutes depending on network speed

Wait 1 at the time the installation is complete. Currently, the screen like this is done, what to do with Windows depends on you.

In case the installation is complete, if you want to remove it, follow these instructions:

Instructions for removing (Uninstall) parallel desktop virtual machine

I wish you success –


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