Detailed instructions on how to install Driver Canon 2900, 3000 on macOS Sierra 10.12, High Sierra 10.13

Canon 2900 is the most popular office printer today. Since Apple upgraded macOS Sierra, installing printer drivers for Canon 2900 is quite difficult. Coincidentally today on Facebook of the Vietnamese Macbook Association, someone asked and 1 friend has a Facebook nick Nguyen Van Phuc successfully installed. I tested again, it is true that I have successfully installed Driver Canon 2900 on macOS Sierra 10.12 (my machine is the latest version of Sierra 10.12. Here I will guide you in detail with the installation steps. Note that you must follow the detailed instructions or else you will encounter the case of receiving the printer, but when giving the order, the printer will stand still and not receive the command. We start:

*** Note: You must remove the old Driver if you have installed any other Driver version before!

How to install Driver Canon 2900, 3000… on macOS Sierra 10.12, High Sierra 10.13

Step 1: You can download the following files: Mac_CAPT_V393_uk_EN.dmg

Or if you use macOS High Sierra 10.13, you can always download the latest version from Canon’s homepage: CAPT Printer Driver & Utilities for Mac V10.0.1

1.1: After downloading, double click on the file to mount it and go to the folder MacOSX > Run file Canon_CAPT_Installer.pkg to install

1.2 During installation. The device asks for a password, then enter the password to log in as you would when installing other software

Step 2: You continue to download the file Patch the following about: Canon_LBP3000_to_LBP2900_patcher

2.1 You decompress and also install this Patch similar to above. If prompted for a password, enter the password and click next. Then reboot the machine!

Step 3: Add Printer Driver Canon 2900, Canon 3000

3.1. You plug Cable, open the printer. Then enter System Preference> choose Printer & Scanner (same picture)

3.2 Next, click on the sign + in the bottom corner to add the printer driver.

3.3 Select the printer name for which you want to install the Driver. In the picture I am installing driver for Canon 2900. In Line Choose a Driver you drop down and select as shown.

UMBRELLA Choose a Driver select Select Software same picture:

3.4 Select the printer driver you want to install. Here I install the Driver for Canon 2900 should choose Canon LBP2900 CAPT(UK)

After the installation is done.

Possible errors

* Command but the machine does not receive:

Some of you, after the installation is complete, get an error with the command, but the printer does not receive the command, but runs a quick one and then disappears. I also got this error on some devices. When there is an error, the print command is issued but the machine does not receive the command. When you get this error. You guysRe-run the Patch file in step 2. Later Restart is ok or you can alsoHuh turn off the printer and then try printing again ^_^

* Error when running Patch file.

Usually, if there is an error, you only get an error like this:

This is a pretty basic error when using Mac. You just need to follow the instructions at the following link: Instructions to turn off Gatekeeper (Enable Anywhere option) on Macos Sierra 10.12 to install applications outside the App Store

Then run the Patch file again as usual, there will be no more errors.

Video successfully installed on my device

Good luck. If you have any errors, you can comment below. I will support! –


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