Detailed instructions on how to upgrade the macOS 10.14 mojave beta experience

Last night, at the event for developers (Dev), Apple introduced to users a major update for its MacOS operating system called Mojave. But that’s the version for Devs – Developers. And users cannot download this version through OTA update. However, there is an extremely easy way for you to experience using this version by downloading the “registration” file so that your computer is recognized as a programmer’s machine. Your Mac App Store will then receive information about the macOS 10.14 beta to download the experience.

Here, I will guide you in detail how to upgrade to the latest macOS 10.14 Mojave.

First you need to download the following file:

macOS Developer BetaAccessUtility.dmg

Run file macOS Developer BetaAccessUtility.dmg just downloaded. Then run the file macOSDeveloperBetaAccessUtility.pkg

Click next, agree… like installing other software. After the installation is complete, the Mac App Store will automatically run and go to the update page, where the 10.14 mojave beta update will appear.

You click Download and wait for your device to download the update, the download process takes about 30 minutes to several hours depending on your network speed.

After the download is complete. Click Open to start the installation process

The installation screen begins, click Next, select Agree…

Select the installation drive and press Install, enter the device password and wait

The installation screen runs for about 10 minutes, it will ask to restart, you press restart to complete the upgrade process

The upgrade process takes about half an hour (maybe longer depending on your machine configuration). Some pictures after the upgrade is complete

(Screen selection of Light or Dark interface)

Dark mode trong Finder

Dark mode trong Launchpad

Details of the changes can be found here:


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