Detailed instructions to install Windows 10 on macOS Sierra using BootCamp

Hello everyone, I see that there are many tutorials online on how to install Windows on Macbook. However, most of the tutorials are old, photos taken on old macOS versions. Today I will do a detailed tutorial on how to install Windows 10 on macOS Sierra. I will guide you as detailed as possible. However, there are a few things you need to read before you get started:


+ Your machine must be running macOS and only have 1 partition (The machines that have partitioned following this guide will get an error)

+ In this article, I guide you to install with Windows 10 ISO File, so you don’t need USB at all. And only applies to machines without DVD drive

+ Windows should only be installed in parallel with Mac on machines with a capacity of 256Gb or more. Who uses 128 personal hard drives, I don’t think so, it’s very cramped

+ If you need to share a shared DATA partition for both Windows and Mac, read more instructions (purple text just below)and if you don’t want to split the DATA partition, skip it and go directly to the instructions in PART I


+ Windows ISO File File – Link to download version Windows 10 creator update buil 1703

+ Of course…. 1 genuine macbook running macOS (this post was done on macOS Sierra)


– If you intend to divide the Macos partition into 1 more DATA partition for shared use, please follow these instructions:

+ Disable SIP according to the instructions here before running Boot Camp Assistent: Instructions to turn off SIP

+ After turning off SIP, follow the instructions below to install Windows as usual (Note that it is mandatory to turn off SIP before running Bootcamp Assistant to create a partition to install Windows, if you install Windows to turn off SIP then no effect

+ After installing Windows, follow these instructions to divide more DATA partition from Mac partition: Instructions to split the hard drive in Mac. After dividing, your hard drive will have partitions as shown below:

So you have a shared DATA partition for both Windows and Mac. This partition should be formatted as NTFS and installed Paragon NTFS to be able to read and write on this partition. Windows, by default, can read and write on NTFS partitions

This trick I accidentally discovered because I have a habit of turning off SIP to install Total Finder and test Game on Mac. After writing the tutorial, I can divide the DATA partition without having to delete the Recovery partition like the instructions elsewhere. How to delete the Recovery partition is very easy to cause errors that cannot enter Windows or Mac if you make a small mistake. Therefore, if you need to divide the shared DATA partition, read this section to turn off SIP before doing so. If you have a low-capacity hard drive, you don’t need to divide the DATA partition, then skip this part and read from part 1 below to start installing Windows on Mac.


1: Click Launchpad > Typing “boot” and select Bootcamp Assistant to run.

2. Press Continues and choose as shown below

My machine has a 512 SSD, so I divided the Windows 100Gb partition to use it. The rest I leave all for the MacOS partition. Because I mainly use Macos. If you have a 256 hard drive, you can divide it accordingly!

3. Then press Install. If you do not plug in the charger, the device will require a power plug. If you have more batteries, choose Continue on Battery Power it is OK.

The machine will run to download the Bootcamp version suitable for your macOS version and Windows version, and create a partition to install Windows. This part takes about 10-20 minutes depending on your Internet speed and computer configuration!

During the process of running the machine will ask for a password. Enter your login password and press Enter.

After running, the machine will automatically restart and enter the Windows installation interface in PART 2


This part should not have taken pictures, because the process of installing Windows is similar to installing windows normally. However, maybe some of you have never installed Windows, so I took a picture of the installation process.

On the first screen. Click Next

At the prompt, enter the password. Select “ I don’t have a Product Key” – I will crack it later

Choose Windows 10 Pro too

Stick to Accept and click Next

The step below, if you follow my instructions above, just select the correct BOOTCAMP partition and click next. The other partitions are left untouched 🙂

Come here to drink a cup of coffee and wait

This screen is almost done. Go to basic settings for Windows

I leave this step to US and click Next

Select Keyboard Layout. Leave the default US.

This part doesn’t matter. Press Skip

Continue Skip for now

Enter the User name of Windows in this box


Password hint: do not enter the same password, you can type anything

Those who use Cortana choose Yes, if not, No

This step is not good, just leave it as default and then Accept

Wait a few minutes for the machine to install the selected profiles.

After entering the main screen. The machine will ask to install the Bootcamp Driver for windows, click Next to install it (This is convenient for me to take pictures, so I take pictures, not because I don’t know how to take screenshots on windows ^^) The machine will ask to reboot once.

Restart your computer and you’re done. Then if you want to switch to Mac, press the Option key at startup to switch to Mac


+ After reinstalling, override the option to select the OS again, showing 2 Windows partitions, you will restart next time.

+ Bonus for you the most standard Windows 10 Crack tool I often use:

+ You install Paragon NTFS on Mac to be able to read files on the BOOTCAMP partition and install Paragon HFS on Windows to read and write data on the Mac partition.

+ To select the default OS for the device. You guys in System Preferences > Select in Startup Disk> Click on the yellow padlock in the lower left hand corner and type in the password to log in. Then select the default OS you want at startup.

On Windows, you choose to go to BootCamp Control Panel (As shown) to select the default OS or choose the Restart in macOS function.

Also in Bootcamp Control Panel you can tweak things like keyboard, Trackpad

Wish you all success –


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