Detailed instructions to install Windows on Mac with Vmware Fusion 10

Hello everyone, I’ve been quite busy with work for the past month, so I haven’t had time to write articles. In the coming weeks, I will try to update the apps and write again. Today I will guide you to install Windows on Mac with Vmware Fusion 10

Talk a little bit about installing Windows on Mac. Currently, there are two popular ways to run Windows on Mac: installing with Bootcamp and using virtualization software. I have quite detailed instructions on how to install Windows on Mac using Bootcamp, using Parallels Desktop, Veertu Desktop, Each has its own pros and cons.

Previously, I highly appreciated Parallels Desktop because the software is well optimized, runs fast, has a running mode Attachmentor Glue (Coherence). However, VMware Fusion has just released a version of Vmware Fusion 10, this can be said to be a 9 one 10 compared to Paralles (personally find Vmware Fusion a little better than Parallel), especially the Vmware Fusion 10 version has always been modified. Coherence-like mounts on Parallels are great, and also work well on High Sierra 10.13. Here, I will guide you through the most detailed steps to install Windows on Mac using Vmware Fusion 10.

I. Preparation:

  • To install windows on Mac with Vmware Fusion you need to prepare the following:
  1. Windows installation files. In this article, I will guide you to install Windows 10. The latest Windows 10 Creator installer can be downloaded here: Windows 10 creator update buil 1703
  2. You can download VMware Fusion software here: VMware Fusion
  3. Bonus for you Windows 10 Crack tool (use after successful installation):

II. Install and crack Vmware Fusion

After downloading Vmware Fusion 10, you extract, Run the file Vmware Fusion 10.xx.dmg and drag the file Vmware Fusion go to folder Application to install.

Next, you run the file Crack.dmg, open the file VMware Fusion Patch to Patch

Next you run the file Keygen to get the Key

Run file Vmware Fusion in folder Application and choose I have a License key for Vmware Fusion 10 and enter the key above and select continue

At this point, consider that you have finished cracking VMware Fusion 10.

III. Install windows with Vmware Fusion

Step 3.1: You run VMware Fusion software. Select Install from disc or image. and choose Continue

Step 3.2 Next you can drag the file Windows ISOs Download part I on the arrow in the image below or select Use another disc or disc image and browse to windows ISO file

In this example, I browse to the windows ISO file that I have pre-downloaded in the Downloads folder

Step 3.3: After selecting the windows ISO file, press Continue

Step 3.4: In this step, you always stick in Use Easy Install for easy. Part Account Name You enter Username for Windows. The password may or may not be optional. Windows Product key you leave blank from filling. Keep pressing Continue.

Step 3.5: This step is quite important. You choose 1 of 2. If you check the box I circled in red, the Desktop will become a shared folder for both Windows and Mac, ie all messages you do on windows save on your desktop, you can also access them on Mac. I recommend that you choose this mode, it will be easier to share files between the 2 operating systems.

Step 3.6: Here, you guys configure that the real Mac will share with the virtual machine to run Windows, you can click Costomize to customize these configurations including: hard drive, Ram, CPU multiplier, graphics card, network card….

screenustomize hardware above Vmware Fusion

After Finish or hardware reset is complete. The virtual machine will automatically reboot and install Windows. This step takes about 10 minutes – 20 minutes depending on the speed of the hard drive

Your job right now is to wait

About 15 minutes later, a Windows screen will appear with a message as shown below. Click OK to restart the virtual machine.

Here it is considered complete.

In VMware Fusion, there is also a mount mode similar to Paralles called Unity. You can switch back and forth between the modes according to the keyboard shortcuts below.

At this point, consider completing the process of installing Windows on mac using Vmware Fusion. If you have any questions, you can comment below.

Wish you all success –


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