F1™ 2013: Classic Edition – Formula 1 racing game on Mac

F1 2013 will feature a new game mode called F1 Classics, which will give fans the chance to ride classic cars on the original race series. Content such as background music, racing scene… everything will be classic and traditional.

F1 2013- Classic Edition2

In addition, the game will also feature all the cars and stars from the 2013 season, allowing players to experience racing like Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes and Segio Perez in McLaren-Mercedes. Players will also know tasks such as changing tires, adding oil, repairing and situations that need to be handled in professional competition. A host of feature enhancements, split-screen modes and online multiplayer, plus a new game mode will be added that promise to bring another era of glory to the already very popular racing series. this famous.

F1™ 2013: Classic Edition



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