Instructions for Downloading Max Speed ​​on Mac with Folx 5

One disadvantage that I think is probably the biggest for Mac users is that the download software on Mac is not as “delicious” as the IDM tycoon on Windows.

However, in this article, I will guide you to download on Mac with the fastest possible speed with Folx.

After installing the downloads you install as usual.

1- You can find some software on Then hit load as usual. Your browser’s downloader will capture the link. Then you stop the downloader and copy the link again as shown below.

download folx1

2- Run Folx and click the Quick Add button, the software will automatically add the link you copied to the Clipboard.

3- Right click on the file being loaded and select “Edit Task”.

Folx download2

4- You will see a split into entry. You choose a maximum of 10 purposes is to configure Folx will split into 10 small files when downloading (10 threads). Then click “Apply”.

Fox download3

5- Done!! With the settings for Folx as above you will be able to download at the maximum possible speed.


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