Instructions for upgrading Adobe CC 2017 to Adobe CC 2018 + Instructions for Cracking Adobe CC 2018

Adobe has just launched the Creative Cloud 2018 suite of applications, adding four new applications and updating important applications including PS Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere Pro.

Photoshop CC 2018 adds a number of new features including the Curvature Pen tool, support for Apple’s HEIF image format, an improved Brush tool, autofocus, and better selection and masking tools.

Illustrator CC updates the Essentials workspace with a new Properties Panel that provides a more intuitive and streamlined interface. In addition, the software also supports multiple Artboards, option to disable Zoom to Selection, support for multiple fonts, and colors.

InDesign CC supports endnotes and annotations, improved object styles, borders, and options for managing text in Creative Cloud Libraries.

More details about other changes I will have a detailed post later. Here, I will guide you how to upgrade and Cr4ck the software in the Adobe CC 2017 suite to the latest version Adobe CC 2018.

Note: The article is for those of you who have installed Adobe CC 2017 and want to upgrade to experience the latest version of Adobe CC 2018. So of course you must have installed at least 1 software in the Adobe CC 2017 suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere). …..)

B1: Go to folder Application > Adobe Creative Cloud> Run file Adobe Creative Cloud

You will receive a notification Adobe Creative Cloud there is a new version. You choose Update always.

B2: After the update is complete, click on the icon of Adobe Creative Cloud on the menubar. The following interface will appear:

*** Note: During installation, there will be a place asking to enter Adobe ID. You can create your own free Adobe Account at the following address:

You select the software you want to update (or install new). If asked for a password, enter the password to log in.

Wait until the run is finished. Open the software you just selected to update. You will see that the software has been upgraded to the latest version (CC 2018).


Method 1: USE ADOBE ZII 3.0 (simple and easiest)

Step 1: download the following crack file:

Step 2: Mount file (doube click). Click on Adobe Zii File to run the crack file

Step 3: Press the button PATCH OR DRAG. If you have Lightroom installed, you will see the following message. You click OK. Then enter the machine login password.

Wait a moment, the word COMPLELED in blue appears. You have finished cracking any software in the Adobe suite. Later, if you install any more software, just run this Crack File again and press the . button again PATCH OR DRAG done.


B1. You can download the following files:

B2: Run the file to mount it. Then run the file AMTEmu

B3: At the main interface of OFFICE you drop down and select the software you need to crack (choose the correct software name, then choose CC 2017 because OFFICE Not updated for CC 2018 but still good to use

B4. Then you click Install and browse to the software you need to crack. In the example I want to crack Photoshop so I will Browse to the folder Application >Adobe Photoshop CC 2018> select file Adobe Photoshop CC 2018. > Then press select Select

Show a screen like below that you have successfully cracked

Particularly for Lightroom Classic CC 2018, you follow these instructions:


Update: Some of you use method 1 to report that Crack can even Lightroom CC 2018. After dragging into the Adobe Zii window, it will ask for root privileges. You click Ok and enter the password to log in to the device, wait a bit, it will say Complete, open Lightroom to try. I’ve already cracked it, so I’m too lazy to uninstall it and reinstall it, can anyone confirm it so I can update the article?

Wish you all success –


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