Instructions for using TCPBlock to block Internet connection for Cr4ck Game, Application

The main function is definitely to block the internet connection from outside to some application (Block internet access) be it software or games.

Note: SIP must be disabled before installation, because the application needs to access some system files. If you don’t turn off SIP, you will get an error as shown below:

Here are the instructions for use:

1- First download and install TCPBlock at this link – Download TCPBlock

2- Then press restart to restart the machine, then go to “system preferences“Find and run TCPBlock .

3- Click on the padlock icon and type machine login password.

4- Now you choose the application that needs to block the Internet connection by clicking on “WARNING”.elect applications”.

5- Find and select the application you need Block Internet Access (most are in the folder Application)

6- Done. Now you can freely enjoy Crack applications without worrying about copyright detection problems.

Wish you all success –


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