Instructions for using Wirecast to Live Stream Facebook, Youtube on Mac

Hello friends! These days, due to my busy work, I have little time to write articles for Maclife. This time around Tet, I have more time. Today I will show you how to Live Stream Facebook, Youtube from Macbook

Surely if you use Smart phones, most of you know how to Live Stream from Facebook or Youtube because the user interface is quite simple. However there are times when you want to Live Stream from your Macbook. For example, Live Stream a movie for you to watch, Live Stream a tutorial for a Group you manage… Recently, the Live Stream feature has been used a lot by young people, mainly Live Stream meetings. Fun, 1 song Karaoke… However, the Live Stream is also very useful for many people in learning and sharing knowledge… It’s too wordy. I started off topic.

To Live Stream on Facebook, I recommend 1 software here: JustBroadcaster for Facebook – Live Stream Facebook right on Macbook. The advantage of this software is that it is quite compact, easy to use, but the disadvantage is that only Live Stream can Facebook and the Live quality is not as good as the software that I will introduce below.

The software I introduce in this tutorial is: Wirecast – Live Stream Facebook, Youtube ngay trên Mac. PhThis software is quite professional. Can Live Stream from many different sources at the same time.

Instructions on how to install and Crack are available in the download link

I will show you how to use it. After starting the program. You will see the main interface as follows:

huong dan su dung wirecast

First, click on the + sign (as shown below) to select the source for Live Stream, the software supports many different sources. You choose the source you need to Live, be it from Built in camera, from a certain Video file, or Live Stream the entire Mac screen by selecting the source as Screen Capture.

huong dan su dung wirecast 1

– After selecting the source (You can choose from many different sources. For example, some of you both live Stream the screen and Live Stream from the Macbook’s front camera for instructions). You guys come in Output> Select Output Setting (picture below)

huong dan su dung wirecast 2

– In the Output Setting window, choose where you want the Live Stream to be. I usually use Facebook Live and Youtube. I don’t use other services so I don’t know ^_^

huong dan live stream facebook tren mac

– After selecting Output, another window will appear. You click Authenticate to authenticate your account for Live Stream. The app will ask you to sign in Facebook or Gmail to authenticate. Feel free to login. Especially for Facebook, you have an additional Live Stream option on the Page, Group that you are managing. Very useful, isn’t it?

– Next, click Ok. At the main screen, click the button with the Wifi icon to start Live Stream

huong and mac3 trending live stream

– Here comes Done. Do you open Facebook or Youtube to see if Live Stream is ok? The software has a lot of other advanced options. You discover by yourself in the process of using

Wish you all success –


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