Instructions to install Moody Photoshop Panel – Color Blend plugin with just 1 click

Moody Photoshop Panel is a plugin for Photoshop that helps users get perfect and professional colors with just one click. Its technology allows it to adapt to any type of photo. Helps you to color correct photos easily and quickly.

How to install and Crack is quite simple (Similar to Magic Retouch Pro that I introduced).

After downloading, run the file ZXPinstall.dmg > Drag into the Application folder to install

Run the ZXP installer software. Then open the download folder, drag the file com.mwh.moodyv112.zxp Go to the XZP window and wait for the Completed message to finish.

Open Photoshop and go to WINdows > Extensions > Moody v112

At the Moody Panel version, choose your favorite color to apply to the image (There are many beautiful and fancy colors), with just 1 click without having to tweak, Complex color blending

Moody Photoshop Panel 1.1.2.


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