Instructions to split the hard drive in MacOS Sierra 10.12

Surely those of you who broke the Macbook box, especially those with a hard drive or SSD with a bit high capacity (from 256 Gb or more) have been interested in dividing the hard drive by 1 or 2 more partitions to make it easier. data management and storage.

Previously, I wrote a tutorial on dividing Partion on Mac, but from El Capitan and above, the interface of Disk Utility There have been changes and quite a few of you have messaged me asking how to split the hard drive on Mac. This article will guide you to split the hard drive using the tool Disk Utility available in Mac. I write detailed instructions based on Mac OS Sierra, the latest version of Apple’s OS to the present time. Any! We start.

– First you click on Launchpad

Huong Dan Chia O Bow 1

Type EASYisk Utility to select tools Disk Utility (Actually just typing Di is the tool Disk Utility already appeared)

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– Default tools Disk Utility Select the boot partition as shown below

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You need to select the hard drive as shown below. After selecting the hard drive name, the tool Partition will light up (we will use this tool to split the hard drive)

Huong Dan Chia O Bow 4

After pressing select Partitiontype the new space for the boot partition in the Size field and then press Enter and Press Apply. My machine has a 512 SSD drive, so I split the boot partition with 200Gb and the rest contains data ^_^.

Huong Dan Chia O Bow 5

The machine says that after resizing, there will be a new partition named Untitled. You press select Partition.

Huong Dan Chia O Bow 6

Wait for a while for the machine to run. Long or fast depends on the speed of the hard drive and the current data of the hard drive more or less.

Huong Dan Chia O Bow 7

After successful, you will receive the message as shown below.

Huong Dan Chia O Bow 8

In case you open Finder and still don’t see the new partition, in Disk Utility, select the partition you just added and click Erase to Format again, the newly added partition will appear. Here you can store documents, movies, music, photos … into this new partition.

Wish you all success –


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