Intensify Pro – Compact Image Retouching Tool for Mac

Intensify is a professional photo editing application that has the same functionality as Photoshop but is much easier to use. Intensify provides built-in image enhancement templates and adds some manual image customization functions

Some components such as light, saturation, sharpness …, so users only need to grasp the main methods of photo editing and a little more time to add or remove components to make the image look beautiful, eye-catching and impressive. It’s okay with me.

Some features:

There are 4 basic image enhancement templates available including: Pro Contrast, Structure, Detail, Micro Sharpness.

You can create and backup photo enhancement templates yourself.

It is possible to create multiple layers of different effects on the same batch of images.

A variety of brush patterns allow you to optionally add textures to your photos.

Provides adjustments for image elements such as exposure, saturation, pigment, etc.

Quality support of RAW format.

Sharing feature via Facebook and Twitter.

Intensify Pro 1.0.5

Intensify 1.2.1 + In-App Purchase

Intensify_1.2.3 + In-App Purchase


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