Isotropix Clarisse – 2D/3D Animation Tool

Isotropix Clarisse IFX is the new premium 2D/3D animation software which is a combination of animation package, compositing software and 3D rendering engine. Clarisse IFX is designed to streamline the workflow of CG artists to allow them to work and seamlessly interact on their final image with full effects on.

Clarisse IFX offers tons of premium features, all designed to be relevant and intuitive. Its workflow scales nicely with great complexity while keeping things manageable. By simplifying the way CG artists work, Clarisse revolutionizes the daily work of Digimatte and Environment artists, See development and lighting artists work in VFX and Animation studios.

If you are a professional artist, then the software will help you develop the most intricate detailed scenes, you can bring them to perfection and the final stage of viewing, which is the stage where you and I have seen sitting in the cinema or at home in front of the TV.

Home page:

Compatible: macOS 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor

Isotropix Clarisse 5.0 SP7


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