iTools Pro 1.8 – iOs Device Management Tool

Professional tool to manage iOS devices on Mac, functions completely similar to itools on Windows such as copying photos, music, movies, functions of contacts, applications, calls….

Tools for Mac is a simple piece of software that allows users to visualize, organize and move data back and forth between iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. This tool also automatically detects available utilities and displays all device-related information, making it easy for users to find what they want without spending much time.
With the latest iTools, users can not only view all data such as photo library, music, movies, ringtones, ebooks, contacts .. but also understand device settings information such as model style. , iOS versions and whether they are jailbroken. iTools has a user-friendly interface; support data import and export without many complicated tools. You can completely delete, archive or view the content from the applications installed in the device. In addition, iTools also supports a plug-in. However, iTools will automatically download and install this application without the user’s confirmation.


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