JPEG Jackal PRO – Simple, powerful tool to reduce image size

JPEG Jackal is a lightweight, simple yet powerful tool to reduce image size to save hard drive space. The application uses a proprietary compression algorithm to optimize JPEG image quality without losing image quality


Easy – just drag and drop the files or folders with the images you need to optimize;
Fast – special algorithms use all the power of your Mac to improve service quality and speed;
Safe – compresses files properly without reducing image size
Reliable – if you have any doubts, just save the image to the test folder and compare the photos before and after compression
Reduce the load on the hard drive – you can clearly see the hard drive empty if the number of images is large


Photos before and after compression. The capacity is significantly reduced, but the quality is not changed


Simple to use interface – Drag and drop


Image quality option available

Link App Store:

JPEG Jackal 2.0.4

JPEG Jackal PRO 2.0.6 [Universal M1 vs Intel]


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