Left 4 Dead 2 – Horror Game

There are almost no changes in the content of Left 4 Dead 2 compared to the previous version. Coming to the game, players can play as 1 of 4 characters left in the middle of a bloodthirsty zombie “forest”. Is the difference that Left 4 Dead 2 offers 4 complete characters?

New world plus 1 new setting: the city of New Orleans. However, that much is enough to make gamers satisfied.


If you expect to find new features in Left 4 Dead 2, players will probably be extremely disappointed. It seems that Valve did not dare to risk changing things that were considered too perfect in the previous version.


In Left 4 Dead 2, Vale brings players 4 completely new characters with different weapons and fighting skills: TV director Rochelle, gym teacher Coach, mechanic Ellis and Nick -1 gambler. All fight together for a single goal: to live. Perhaps this is the strangest “squad” of the games on the market today when gathering all the components and ages. Coming to Left 4 Dead 2, new players realize many valuable lessons that sometimes in everyday life you accidentally or intentionally ignore. Sometimes, the line between life and death is extremely thin and just one minute of negligence is the cost of your life. Obviously, Valve has conveyed a very strong message: Appreciate what you have.


The graphics in Left 4 Dead 2 continue the success of the old version when creating a realistic and vivid virtual world, but equally horror. To test that, players only have to download the game to their computer and participate in the game. However, being critically acclaimed is also one of the more reliable factors you can glance at.


In general, there is not much creativity in Left 4 Dead 2. But not so that the appeal of this game is lost. On the contrary, Left 4 Dead 2 also created resounding successes than what the “predecessor” did. Let’s experience this fascinating game right away.


Mac OS version: 10.5.6-10.6.2 (not tested on 10.4)
Min. Processor: Intel Core Solo 2.0Ghz
Min RAM: 1024
Video RAM: 256MB (may be slow on 128)
Hard-disk Space: 7.42GB
Requirements: CXZ Black Engine

English/Russian (Change language in rev.ini file)

What works
Single Player
Playing on cracked servers
Lan (Was able to create a LAN game using the console, but since there is no one in my LAN – probably working)
Instructions for renaming:
Use either “name” command in the console or
1.Open config_default.cfg file located in Left 4 Dead 2/config
2.Find bind “n” “setinfo name Powered_by_CSmania.RU” and change the key and nick
3.Press ingame 🙂

CXZ Engine

Left 4 Dead 2 Mac [CXZ]


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