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Most MacBook users feel like the MacBook’s temperature is higher than it should be. The reason people feel this way is because the Macbook is designed to be a monolithic aluminum case, which itself is involved in the heat dissipation process. So just using your hands to feel will make a lot of people worry about their baby.

Ideal temperature For Macbooks is below 70 degrees Celsius, 70-80 degrees Celsius is acceptable. If it’s above that temperature you should find a way to bring it down. This standard temperature case is only true for new machines, fans, heat dissipation glue is still good. I have no intention of arguing with the PRO about this standard temperature, simply going nowhere.

Mac Fans Control It is an ideal software for such a thing:

  • This app is extremely small, eating resources are negligible, even many of you do not notice whether it runs or not?
  • It’s completely free, the feature is too good for a free software, even the pay guys don’t do as well as it does.
  • Working with Windows Bootcamp (he alone, terrible hegemony).
  • In addition to the ability to monitor the temperature, its important feature is to allow fan speed control to keep your Mac at temperature. desire. As in the picture, I installed 65 degrees Celsius, the fan started to accelerate, under that temperature, the fan can rest. The highest temperature allowed is 75 degrees. This is automatic software, you only install, adjust once and then leave it. It can be said to be an indispensable software on macbooks.

More details can be found here:

In fact, the Free version is enough to use, but those who need the Pro version, I’m up here too. The Pro version has additional Presets as the information here:


How to go to Pro

  1. Drag the file to the Application to install as normal
  2. Run patch file, press OK, enter password to block connection
  3. Open the Key file and tap the Macfan icon on the Menubar> More> Upgrade to Pro and enter the registration information.

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