Mafia II – Gangster boss role-playing game

Mafia II is a role-playing game, a third-person shooter with an engaging storyline. In the game, you will play the role of a veteran because of unwillingness to fall into the world of a gangster full of crime and danger.

Game context takes place in the “golden” period of American gangsters from 1940-1950 in Empire Bay. This fictional city is based on real cities like San Francisco, New York, Chicago and a bit of Detroit. Empire Bay appears as a chaotic but extremely lively crime city, where our characters roam with the underground missions of the dark world.

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Gamers will play the role Vito Scalettaa veteran, reluctantly caught up in the magic vortex of money, crime.

Vito has spent long days serving in the army during World War II. During a short vacation, he visits his family and discovers a tragic story about his late father. He was gone and was left with a huge debt from loan sharks. As the son in the family, the burden fell on Vito’s shoulders.

At this time, Joe, an old friend Vito is now a powerful giant, has drawn him into the underground business of the gangster. It is Joe who is the factor that pulls Vito out of the army and then gets swept up in the tangled vortex of the underworld.

Since then, from an honest soldier, Vito has gradually become a notorious mafia hand, killing people without fear.

Intro video:

Outstanding Features of Mafia II

Attractive role-playing gameplay

Weapon variety

Great graphics

Mafia II really an attractive role-playing game, rolling style, will definitely make gamers satisfied. Download the game now and help Vito become the most notorious gangster in America!

Mafia II


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