[Mini Game] Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is developed by a fledgling game maker – Ironhide Game Studio, but it is unbelievable that this is one of the highest grossing games on the mobile platform, “surpassing” completely. games of the same genre. So what made people choose Kingdom Rush Frontiers, ignoring other veteran names of the tower defense game series?

If you have ever played Alien Creep TD, then you will probably be “stunned” because the gameplay of Kingdom Rush Frontiers is no different from the same “mother” if compared with the above famous names,

Kingdom Rush Frontiers1
This has ensured the quality of the game, what Alien Creep TD has, Kingdom Rush Frontiers also has! From the fact that turrets are built based on “tree branches”, creating different types of soldiers to train, or players can control a general with powerful moves, …
However, compared to its distant relative Alien Creep TD, the high-speed gameplay of Kingdom Rush Frontiers brings a bit more “pumping” and “thrill”. This is also one of the reasons that will make players appreciate the game more than other goalkeeper lines.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers2
And yet, the game also has a unique feature that is unexpected elements, for example, the enemy can cut down forests, level trees to form a new attack direction, natural disasters such as tornadoes. , sandstorms, monsters suddenly bursting out from the lair, etc. This makes Kingdom Rush Frontiers more random, rather than retaining a repetitive feeling like other games of the same genre.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers3

Note: Use Betterzip to extract and then copy to Application folder and run the file. If there is an error during the decompression process, select Go on to continue

Kingdom Rush Frontiers HD 1.3.4



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