Neighbors from Hell – Season 1 – Neighbors Season 1

Neighbors from Hell – Season is available on The game recreates the hilarious, tear-jerking confrontation between the clever Woody guy and the tough, chubby neighbor.

After nearly 15 years of absence, THQ Nordic recently announced that it would revive the legendary game Neighbors from Hell, surprising many veteran gamers. The game Neighbors from Hell or another name is the mischievous neighbor that once made a storm and many early gamers lost sleep and food, saving every penny to go to the restaurant to enjoy.

The most attractive point and also the main task of the player in the game is the incarnation of Woody guy – a star of reality comedy show – along with his hidden camera team to create disturbances to tease. tease the neighbor Mr. Rottweiler to make him mad at the highest level. It is Woody’s unique and extremely clever and creative jokes that will make you laugh non-stop and delight when you see the angry neighbor, which also means that his joke is a huge success.

Key Features Neighbours from Hell:

  • 14 hugely varied episodes of anarchy
  • Use stealth, skill and style to perform the perfect ambush
  • Easy to use interface and controls
  • Superb cartoon-style graphics
  • Excellent soundtrack



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