New Paint X – Classic painting and photo editing tool

New Paint X is a classic painting application (similar to the Paint application on Windows), which helps you color or edit images. You can use New Paint X as a digital canvas to create simple photos, creative projects, or add text and designs to other images, such as those taken with a digital camera. your digital. However, you have complete creative freedom with the simplicity of New Paint X

Efficient tools:
• Pencil: Draw thin, freeform lines or straight lines;
• Brush: over 150 built -in brush, brush as DNA, calligraphy brush, brush blur, ink brush, etc.
• Drafts erase areas of the image;
• Cube colors fills the entire picture or an enclosed shape with color;
• Airbrush: spray paint on the image;
• Form and text and made many forms, such as Line, Curve, Oval, Star, Polygon, Cloud, Smile, etc.
• Color Picker: Choose a color drawing canvas tools;
• Crop tool: crop specific area of the image;
• Selection tools: selection rectangle, ellipse selection, freeform selection and polygon selection;
• Zoom tool: zoom in / out the canvas;
• Hand tool: translates the canvas.

Drawing functionality:
• Supported selection modes: normal, union, intersection, subtraction;
• Resize / translate selection;
• Select Stroke / Fill;
• Fusion Modes Supported: normal, darken, lighten, soft light, strong light, and so on;
• Full support of keyboard shortcuts;
• BASICS image: rotate, flip, resize, crop;
• Support transparency color.

Other Features:
• Create a new image from the system clipboard.
• Drag images from the web browser or Finder to the canvas;
• Zoom by gesture;
• Paste from an image file;
• Supported file formats: png, tiff, bmp, jpeg, gif.

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