Org Chart Designer Pro – Application to draw diagrams and charts

Org Chart Designer Pro helps you draw diagrams and charts professionally

Main function:
– Intuitive drag and drop design
– Full support for Retina displays
– Supports shapes, text boxes, lines, arrows, images, slideshows and screen panels
– Supports multiple tiers with layer sorting and all grouping features
– Advanced support “Auto Generate Rama” allows you to quickly add new levels to organizational elements
– Supports photo special effects including shadows, alpha levels and reflections
– “Transfer format” support allows you to quickly copy formatting styles in multiple selected chart elements
– Support for “saved text collection”, allowing you to conveniently save and return to used text snippets
– designs with hundreds of fonts and colors
– Publish your work by exporting to multiple formats: PDF, JPG and PNG
– Easily share on Twitter, Facebook, sms, email, lower the air and more!
– Comes with a collection of professionally designed chart templates and network diagrams



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