Orion Markup – Create professional photo captions

Orion Markup allows you to express thoughts and captions on your images. It makes it easy to add notes, bubble zoom-in, outlines boxes, lines, and create arrow notes to images and screenshots.

Writing can be difficult to understand, but looking at the picture, you will easily imagine the function of this software:

orion markup

Supports a full suite of annotation objects, including:

zoom bubbles: creates magnified versions of selected image regions
multiple sized outline boxes and text labels
hundreds of fonts and colors
lines of various patterns and thickness (solid, dashed, dotted)
tag-optional starting and ending arrows
boxes of various colors and sizes
fully resizable black-out boxes (for hiding sections of images that you do not wish to share)
fully resizable dim boxes (for darkening areas of the images, useful for indicating unimportant or non-significant sections)
fully resizable whiten blocks
useful predefined number tags (perfect for documenting instructions and steps in manuals)


Version 3.02:

Resolves a rare Inspector panel display issue
Performance improvements

Orion Markup 3.02


Orion Markup 3.03



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