Pixel Film Studios – ProFlare

Professional light leaks FCPX
Easily add a beautiful, epic vintage lighting or any recording in FCPX with ProFlare by Pixel Film Studios, a collection of over 150 professional effects of light leakage. Simply place one of the ProFlare effects on your clip and adjust the controls easy to use to change the orientation, movement, color, and opacity flicker of light.

Only light for any scene
with our extensive collection and customizable settings, ProFlare by Pixel Film Studios can create light leakage desired for any scene. ProFlare has several different categories of light leaks to choose (including: colored light leaks, lens flare, solar flares and DJ light leakage)

Moving and powerful effects
Dropping one of the FCPX of ProFlare effects in a clip you can convert any footage into a poignant and powerful moment. Light leaks are an excellent way to give your movie a sense of hip, avant – garde or vintage.

Flares FCPX professionals
using numerical techniques lenses and films, all ProFlare light effects were done professionally to give your file material FCPX real and natural. ProFlare light leaks appear to be caught in the lens of his camera, and not digitally created.

Customize your ProFlare
Intuitive controls complement the ProFlare make it easy to change the look of light leakage in FCPX. Simply adjust the sliders in the Inspector Final Cut Pro and see your changes appear in real time. Motion functions and allow flashing light leaks ProFlare function even in moving camera shots.

Pixel Film Studios – ProFlare



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