Restore Recovery partition when Booting on Yosemite

On Mac OS X, the Recovery partition is quite important, with many built-in features such as reset password, ternimal, repair disk, reinstall OS X.….But many of you after a clean installation of OS X Yosemite, whether format or partition, the same reboot status keeps the Option movie.

still the Recovery partition is not found. Few people can get into recovery using the Startup Disk function in Preferences, but it’s a real problem if you can’t access the internals.

I don’t know where the real cause of this problem comes from, maybe because of security, Apple hides it or something. I tried creating a manual USB and reinstalling OS X a few times with the same problem. Only see the system partition, not the Recovery partition

recovery Mac1

Here’s how to fix it

Step 1: make sure the Recovery HD partition created by the OS X Yosemite installation exists. Open ternimal and execute the statement like

diskutil list

Step 2: continue with ternimal and execute the command

This command will show a tree of all CoreStorage of Logical Volumes on your hard drive according to the diagram Group(LVGs)–> member (PVs)—> exported volumes(LVs)

What do you notice? Logical Volume UUID in the last member LVs in the tree structure. Copy it to complete Step 3
Recovery mac3
Step 3: execute the following command

diskutil coreStorage revert UUID

Step 4: reboot the machine and hold the Option key to see the results
recovery mac4


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