Shadwen Escape From the Castle – Action Game

Like many other stealthy assassin-themed games, the ultimate requirement that Shadwen requires of you is the ability to hide like a ghost, avoiding the enemy detecting you when performing the task. . But compared to other names of the same genre, Shadwen is even “stricter” when the words “Game Over” will appear as soon as you are discovered by the enemy. The game does not give you the ability to fight against enemies when they recognize your presence.

In return for this “disadvantage”, you – Shadwen – have for yourself the ability to control time very “heavy”. If the enemy finds out or realizes you’ve done something wrong, instead of having to reload the game screen at the nearest save point, you can simply go back in time for as long as you like to correct your mistake. In addition, you also have full control over the passage of time as the world around you will only move when you are also in motion (the game also allows you to actively let time pass when you are stationary) to serve their action intentions).

With supernatural abilities on top of the ability to climb, fly with a harpoon (similar to that of the female bandit general Zoya in the three Trine games) as well as a variety of weapons and equipment that can be crafted from items collected in each level, indeed completing each level (reaching the specified destination of each level) for Shadwen will be a trivial matter. The problem is, Frozenbyte doesn’t want its game to be “as easy as porridge”. So this game maker has added next to Shadwen a “support” but also a “burden” – Lily, a stray girl who happened to meet and follow Shadwen.

To complete each level, not only Shadwen but also Lily must reach the finish line (two people must be at the finish line at the same time). The “problem” is, Lily doesn’t have the ability to climb, fly like Shadwen, but can only move along the available paths – roads that are guarded, carefully patrolled by cold-blooded guards. . So Shadwen will be forced to “pave the way” for Lily by distracting or eliminating the enemies that stand in the way. Lily will automatically move from one hiding place to another when she realizes her movement path is not in the sight of the enemy, in addition, you can also actively order Lily to move at will. as long as her route of movement is out of sight of the enemy, she will obey.

Shadwen Escape From The Castle v1.0


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