Share shared folders between Mac and Windows

Derived from the need in the house to have 1 Mac and 1 Windows machine. You want to create a shared folder that can share data on both Windows and Mac.

There are several solutions for this for example:

Using a NAS network storage device: This method costs money to buy hardware and configuration, so I won’t discuss it here temporarily.

Share a certain Cloud account and mount it into a folder on the hard drive using software similar to Cloudmounter: This is also good

Create a folder on Mac accessible on Windows: This is how I will guide you in detail in this post. The advantage is that there is no additional cost. The downside is that you need a little bit of network knowledge, but in this HD, I guide you on hand-held style, so you just need to follow the instructions.


To create a folder on Mac that can share files and be accessible on Windows, follow these instructions:

Note: 2 computers must be connected to the same network


Step 1: Create a folder to share, can share one or more different folders, if there are folders to share, then don’t create anything.

Step 2: Go to System Preferences> Sharing

Step 3: (1) Stick select File Sharing

(2) Press the sign + and navigate to the folder you want to share. This place Add many folders as well.

(3) Select Option> Stick in share files and folder using SMB> stick next to the User currently using on Mac below> The screen asks for a password, then enter the password to log in to the machine.

Note where I have the IP address in the place I framed Windows will use this in a little while. Depending on the machine this number will be different, If you are using a Mac Mini or iMac (1-seat machine), you can set this IP to be fixed according to the IP shown in the image above as instructed below.


Step 1: Press Windows + R to open the Run dialog box

Step 2: Enter the IP number in the part I noted when working on Mac (in this HD article it is theo format: \\ [Chú ý dấu gạch chéo ngược]

If you encounter a window asking for a password, enter your User/password to log in to your Mac. The shared folder window will appear, you can read and write data normally. If you want to Map a folder into a partition like a hard drive on Windows, you just need to right-click on the folder> select Map Network drive

Small note: If anyone accesses the folder with an error related to smb, you need to go to Dashboard> Programs and Features>Turn Windows features on or off> Stick select Smb1. Then reboot the machine will be able to access.


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