Show Your Name on the macOS Menubar

Actually, this trick has been around for a long time, and it’s one of the basic, easy tricks. However, many of you messaged me on Facebook asking me how to do it. Today I write this article to show you how to display your name (or any character you want) on the Menubar of macOS. To make it easier to understand, please see the picture below

Menubar before and after showing the name

To display the name as shown above. You follow the steps below.

Step 1: Into the System Preference => Users & Groups

Step 2: Leave it as it is if you want to display the current User’s name or edit the content you want to display on the Menu Bar (On my computer, it’s “”.)

Step 3: Next click on the yellow padlock icon in the corner, enter the password when turning on the device to open the lock (as shown below) then click on “Login Options” and stick in the red box as shown below.

Here it is considered complete. You look at the Menubar to see if there is a name (which is the Username you created in step 2.

Some notes for you:

  • Restricted naming with accents, many of you named accented names appear very beautiful but then can’t log in to your computer anymore.
  • If you turn on the device, you will automatically log in (no need to enter a password). When you open the lock in step 3, you often don’t know what password to enter? Please contact the seller of the device, who installed the device for you. Usually they are the ones who set the password and have turned off the password input mode when logging in.
  • If you can’t remember or can’t retrieve your password as noted above, you can use this method:

Good luck


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