Some tips with Macbook Pro 2016, Macbook Pro 2017

Hello everyone, after a while of saving, I also bought a Macbook Pro 2017 so I can experience and write this article. In this article, I will summarize the experiences and tips with this 2016 and 2017 Macbook Pro. I will update regularly when I find out anything new or interesting, if you have any tips, please comment below so I can update more for the article. We start:

1. Turn off the auto-start mode when opening the “lid” Macbook Pro 2016, 2017

Actually, when I picked up the phone, I thought it was a power failure. I turned off the device, turned the screen upside down, just bought the device, so sometimes I open it up to see for myself, but when I open the lid, it automatically restarts. To turn off auto-start mode when opening the screen, do the following:

Click Launchpadtype Terminal to run the Terminal application

Enter the following command in the window terminal

sudo nvram AutoBoot=%00

Then restart the machine and turn it off, then close the lid and open the lid to see if it still starts automatically.

From now on, to start the device, press the power button (for non-touchbar devices) and Touch ID button (for touchbar devices).

To revert back to the way it was, enter the following command in the terminal

sudo nvram AutoBoot=%03

2. How to know if Macbook Pro 2016, 2017 is fully charged or not when shutting down.

On Macbook Pro 2015 and earlier, you can easily tell if your Macbook is fully charged by looking at the indicator light on the Magsafe charger. From macbook 2016 onwards…. I flipped the device 360 ​​while plugged in, looked on the charger, the charger cord but didn’t see any signal whether the device is charging or not and full or not, how much %..

Currently the only way that I know if my Macbook is fully charged or not, or how much is charged without opening the machine is:

  1. Follow the instructions in item 1: Turn off auto-start mode when opening the “lid” Macbook Pro 2016, 2017
  2. While charging, open the screen cover, wait for a few seconds, the icon Blue battery It will appear that the device is charged how much % or full… Otherwise, if you close the lid to charge, there is absolutely no way to see if the device is fully charged or not.

3. Re-enable startup sound for Macbook Pro 2016, 2017

From Macbook Pro 2015 and earlier before starting, the machine will make a chirping sound (about a few seconds after pressing the button). For some reason, Apple removed this chime on Macbook 2016 and later. To re-enable the sound when turning on the computer, enter the following command into the window Terminal, Enter and enter the machine password

sudo nvram BootAudio=%01

To return to “silent” mode on startup, enter the following command:

sudo nvram BootAudio=%00

4. Always show the Fn (Function) key on the touchbar

For those of you who are or coders, the use of the Fn key sequence to Debug is quite frequent, many of you want to permanently display the Fn key on the Touchbar in applications where you often use the Fn key row (Default if you want). If the row of Fn keys appears, you just need to press the Fn key in the lower left hand corner, release will lose). Let the Fn key range from 1 to 12 always appear. You come in System PreferencesKeyboardShortcuts select Function Keys > Press sign + and select the software you want when running it, the Fn key strip is always displayed.

5. Customize what appears on the Touchbar

By default, the touchbar will display contextual functions, depending on the software, depending on the case that Apple shows differently. You can customize some of the things that will appear on the touchbar. To do this, do the following:

Into the System PreferencesKeyboardselect Customize Control Strip. Now the screen will show the functions you want to add to the Touchbar. To add to the touchbar, simply drag the icon of the function to be added to the bottom edge of the screen. That function will appear Touchbar

To change the function buttons on the touchbar in a specific application (If the application supports Touchbar). You just need to open the app and go to View > Customize Touchbar and also drag the icon you use often down to the Touchbar. For example, here I open Photoshop and go to View > Customize Touchbar

6. Touchbar screenshot

In fact, this trick is probably rarely used, but I think it’s good, so I list it here. To take screenshots on Macos, I have a pretty detailed post here: Instructions for taking screenshots on macos

To take a screenshot of the touchbar, press a key combination. Command + Shift + 6. You can change this key combination at System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcut > Screen shots

7. Switch between running applications right on the Touchbar

Do you use keyboards? Command + Tab I’m sure you’ll love this game. To switch between applications running by default, many of you are using the Command + Tab key combination. However, with devices with Touchbar, you can switch between applications right on the Touchbar.

First, go to the following link: TouchSwitcher.

Select download to download TouchSwitcher about. Then unzip and copy to Application. Run file TouchSwitcher in Application. At this point, your Touchbar will appear an A shape (like the App Store Logo). Clicking on it will bring up the running applications, you just need to select the application you want to switch windows

If you don’t understand, watch the following video:

Temporarily, I found that much today (because I only bought the device for 1 day). When I have new experiences, I will share them here.

Wish you all success –


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