Spec Ops: The Line – Action, shooting game

The Line is not an ordinary shooter that we can find rife on the market. While most are inspired by fantasy war movies or heroic warriors who sacrificed their lives to save the world, The Line draws on its plot the attraction and drama from Apocalypse Now and Heart of Darkness. .

The world of The Line is deserted, bleak, desolate, dark and makes you think more about everything around you than busy looking for the gun you like.

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From the very beginning of the game, you are forced to make a choice that the story situation makes. You turn your head back and suddenly find yourself witnessing two living men hanging upside down from a bridge. You will be ordered to execute one of the other two men by Konrad, whom you (Walker) will be looking for throughout the arduous journey. One was accused by Konrad of stealing fresh water, the most valuable resource in the city, and the other was a soldier who murdered his entire family.

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Who do you think is more deserving of death? Or are you a humanitarian who doesn’t want to kill? Have you ever had an itchy hand to kill both? What if you act creatively? There are many options for you to handle that situation and The Line helps you do that. Of course, with each decision you make, you will get different results.

What makes The Line more interesting than other shooters lies in the way the Yager developers build the possibilities that come with each decision you make. The game focuses on portraying specific situations that pose for players and let them comfortably handle because there is no right or wrong line that is immediately drawn, but the consequences will follow you throughout your life. Journeys.

Spec Ops The Line

The deeper you go into the world of The Line, the more difficult it will be for you to choose the right decision when the relationships in the game will become more and more complicated. You will feel the effects of the decisions you make on the team you lead. Betrayal, distrust, alienation will invade the spirit of your teammates if you make unreasonable decisions that harm the whole team.

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Subtly, Spec ops: The Line will convey to the player the gradual change in the personality of each character around you over time with each decision you make. For example, your left-hand man Lugo, a newcomer to the team, always speaks sarcastically to you in every situation. He is a very strong and defiant person who is ready to declare war on the whole world. When you need him with his super sniper skills, you will hear the catchphrase full of personality: “Learning by looking”.

Note: Use Betterzip to extract and then copy to Application folder and run the file. If there is an error during the decompression process, select Go on to continue

Spec Ops: The Line 1.0.0



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