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STREET FIGHTER IV, the latest version in the 6-year-old fighting game series, Capcom recently released a trailer introducing the additional features included in this game, to serve the release date on consoles and PC. upcoming as: 5 new characters including Poison,

Elena, Hugo, Rolento, Decapre. The skill W-Ultras allows combining two Ultra attacks at once or Red Focus Attack – absorbing multiple damage from the opponent.

In addition to Rolento, Elena, Hugo, and Poison who have appeared in the Street Fighter x Tekken version, for Decapre, this is the first time this female character appears in the role of a playable gladiator. “Decapre will now join the battle! Although her severely burned face was covered by a mask, those who confronted this Russian beauty were still afraid of her lightning attacks as well as her psychic abilities that allowed her to transfer some of the pain. pain to the enemy. ” – Capcom’s descriptions of Decapre.

Besides the features that work in real combat, Elimination and Online Training are two new game modes included in Ultra Street Fighter IV. Elimination is basically a 3vs3 competition between players, while Online Training is, as the name suggests, allowing you to practice with another human opponent instead of a mechanical AI like before.

How to install

[*] Download File[*]
[*] Mount[*]
[*] Copy to Application folder[*]
Note: Install Winebotter first.[*]

Then install Xquart link below.




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