Summary of useful keyboard shortcuts on Mac

1. Working with Data in Finder

+ Select all: Command + A

+ Deselect all: Command + Option + A

+ To copy data, you use the key combination: Command + C

+ To paste, use Command + DRAW

+ Copy data to a new location and delete the old file: Command + Option + V

+ Throw data in the trash: Command + Delete

+ Empty trash: Command + Shift + Delete

+ Create a similar file (Duplicate): Command + D

+ Create 1 Alias ​​(shortcut like Win): Command + ERROR

+ View information (Get info): Command + I

+ Data preview: Space bar

+ Create a new folder: Command + Shift + N

+ Quickly open Applications folder: Command + Shift + A

+ Quickly open the Utilities folder: Command + Shift + U

+ Quickly open the Desktop folder: Command + Shift + EASY

+ Go to Folder : Command + Shift + G

2. Hide running windows and applications

The Command + H key combination will hide all windows and running applications down to the Dock.

3. Turn off or hide a program quickly

+ To close a running program hold down Command+Tab.Hold the Command key and use the Tab key to move to the program you want to close then press the Q key

+ To hide a running program hold down Command+Tab.Hold Command and use Tab key to move to the program to hide then press H key

4. Sometimes in the process of using your Mac will be stopped by certain software. Some of you choose to shutdown by holding the power button until it turns off. If you use this method regularly, your hard drive will definitely fail. To fix this situation you can use the following: Force Quit running application to restart the machine.

Hold Command + Option + Shift + Escape for about 2-3 seconds to Force quit running applications

5. Shortcut keys to turn off the device, restart the device, put the device into Sleep state, quickly turn off the screen

+ To turn off the computer, press Control + Option + Command + Eject

+ To display the selection panel to shutdown, restart or sleep, press Control + Eject

+ To restart the computer, hold the Control + Command key and then press the Eject key

To put the device into Sleep state, hold down the Option + Command key then press the Eject key

+ To quickly turn off the screen but not turn off the device completely, press Control + Shift + Eject

*Note: the Eject key in the above key combinations can be replaced with the power key.

6. Text editor

+Select all: Command + A

+ Copy a paragraph: use the key combination Command + C

+ Cut a paragraph: we press Command + X

+ Paste: ta dùng Command + V

+ Move up 1 screen: Fn + Up or Down key

+ Move the editing cursor to the beginning/end of the sentence: Fn + Left/Right key

+ Move the editing cursor to before/after 1 word: Option + Left/Right key

7. Take a screenshot

* Capture and save directly to Desktop:

+ Capture full screen: Command + Shift + 3

+ Capture only one window: Command + Shift + 4 + Space bar

+ Capture the part you want: Command + Shift + 4 and drag and drop the mouse to select the area you want to capture

* Capture and save to Clipboard (this way, after taking a photo, you open Photoshop or Preview to paste it before exporting to an image file)

+ Capture full screen and save to memory: Command +Control + Shift +3

+ Capture by selection, press these 4 keys, then drag the mouse to select an area to capture: Command + Control + Shift + 4
+ Capture only 1 window: Command + Control + Shift +4 + Space bar

*Take a screenshot on a Windows 7 machine via Boot Camp: press Fn + Shift + F11, then open the Paint tool available in Windows and paste it in


In the Safari window:

+ New tap: Command + T

+ Refresh: Command + R

+ Highlight the address bar: Command + L

+ Black out the Google search window: Command +Option + F

+ Email the interface of the website you are viewing: Command + I

+ Email the address of the website you are viewing: Command + Shift + I

9. General part

+ Beautiful effect when opening Launchpad: Fn + Shift + F4 or Shift + F4

+ Beautiful effect when opening Mission Control: Fn +Shift + F3 or Shift + F3

+ Close the active window: Command + W

+ Minimize the working window: Command + CODE

+ Exit the application: Command + Q

+ Open the Preferences of the running application: Command + ,

+ Open Spotlight (Quick Search on Mac): Command + Space bar


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