The Uncertain: Episode 1 – The Last Quiet Day – Smart Robot

In the game The Uncertain: Episode 1, players will control the robot to perform interesting actions and learn the mysterious reason why the whole world no longer has human existence.

Far beyond human imagination, now robots are robots with intelligence many times higher than the human brain. After humans on earth completely perished with unknown causes, the entire human race mysteriously disappeared, causing the robots at that time to begin to find out the cause of natural phenomena. as well as factors directly or indirectly caused.

The Uncertain Episode 1

The era of intelligent robot begins here, it will go everywhere in search of evidence and human history. Players will control a robot to complete assigned tasks, all of which will gradually open up key points for the story to be unraveled. If we were humans, we would be confused between emotions and work, but robots will perform those jobs very rationally, not being influenced by external factors.

Note: Use Betterzip to extract and then copy to Application folder and run the file. If there is an error during the decompression process, select Go on to continue

The Uncertain Episode 1


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