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Tomb Raider 2013 puts you in the role of Lara Croft – now a female scientist who has just left the university and has many ambitions. With the suggestion of her Japanese friend Sam, Lara sets out to find the origin of the ancient nation of Yamatai under the reign of the sun queen.
Himiko. Note that this is not the goddess Amaterasu, who gave birth to the legendary Japanese nation.

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The expedition that included Lara, Sam and Captain Conrad Roth, a former royal soldier who was closely related to the Croft family, and several crew members headed for the dragon triangle. True to legend, the waters of the Dragon Triangle south of Japan stormed and engulfed the expedition ship Endurance, pushing the group of survivors on board with Lara to a strange island called Dragon’s Triangle.. The group of survivors. discover that they are falling into a dangerous place when the island is inhabited and these people are not friendly at all – those who are ready to end any unfortunate life accidentally set foot on Dragon’s Triangle.. Lara. Together with a group of friends must survive the siege of bloodthirsty people and find out the biggest secret of the island, also the biggest secret of the Yamatai empire to be able to escape safely from the island.

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With a gameplay focused on action adventure, Tomb Raider also boldly combines with role-playing elements and above all a survival skill system in an open world environment. There, players can perform main and side quests spread across the map, in addition to countless locations and tombs waiting to be discovered.

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The mission system is cleverly arranged, in addition to the main story quest, players will encounter challenges scattered throughout such as collecting artifacts in the area, collecting hidden mementos in each area. area. In particular, there will be some ancient catacombs in the grounds, players must solve the puzzle about the terrain in the grave to open the way to the final treasure room.

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An extremely shimmering graphics system of Tomb Raider 2013 entails the consequence that it will consume a pretty terrible hardware on your computer. But in return, you will be immersed in the majestic scenes, the detailed displays are taken care of every corner, the smallest effects such as the shadow printed on the wall … are also done with great success and really deserve. worth the “great money” that you spend to be able to experience this super product. The game also supports ATI’s StressFX to show real-life character hair. Explosion effects combined with the movement of the character are as spectacular as the scenes only on the cinema screen.

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