Tropico 5 – city building simulation game

Besides the series of construction games like SimCity or ANNO, Tropico is also an irreplaceable monument with the use of unchanged but still attractive context.

A special feature of the Tropico game series is that it always uses a common context, which is a lush tropical island covered with water. However, the developers lead quite nicely, following the timeline of construction industry history from the 19th century to the 21st century. You will start by creating yourself a main character, possibly a character. Men, can also be women, and choose the style of clothing in detail. The game is designed for you to freely create a character for yourself.

Next, we start building. A city on an island in the middle of the sea is not a simple matter. You will have to make many decisive choices to balance the financial ability, available materials and the needs of the islanders to design buildings that partially satisfy the above requirements. That’s why Tropico is more immersive than other games of the same genre.

If there is only 1 word to describe the image in the game, there is only 1 word: great! The island appears as a paradise on earth, with the clear sea mixed with the green scenery of the mountains and forests, interspersed with a bustling city on the rise. The special effects are thoroughly applied and the works even when zoomed in are still very detailed!

Hot summer can “cool off” with a trip to the sea. So what are you waiting for without immediately building a coastal city with Tropico 5?

Game only for 10.7 – Elcapitan. Higher versions have unexpected errors 🙁

Download Tropico 5 1.0 Mac

Tropic 5 v1.0.10


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