Veertu Desktop – Compact and simple Windows and Linux installation software on Mac

Veertu Desktop is a software, a rather strange virtualization technology solution (at least for me) that helps run Windows on Mac. Veertu Desktop is supported from Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, and almost all Linux versions.

I have detailed instructions on how to install Windows on Mac with Veertu Desktop. You can refer here: Instructions to install Windows on Macbook with Veertu Desktop

In this post, I will post the download link for Veertu Desktop as well as update when a new version is available


Install your own VMs from ISOs, including Windows
Download and run public available Linux and other VM images from the Veertu cloud library
Import pre-built VM images from other tools like Fusion/Parallels/VBox
Non-Intrusive and Secure – Because Veertu is powered by native OS X hypervisor framework and runs entirely in sandbox, eliminating the need for root permissions and kernel extensions
Superlight, fast and snappy – Because Veertu is approximately 13MB and uses the the OS X native hypervisor framework, it boots up much faster than other similar tools
Low Battery Consumption – Because Veertu leaves all CPU and power management to OS X, which knows how to preserve battery best; in contrast, other virtualization solutions compete with OS X for CPU and drain your battery faster
Vagrant Support – Build, distribute and share your dev VMs with Vagrant


Rich VM image library to quickly setup Linux based dev environments
Ability to import pre-built Vm images from Fusion/Parallels/VBox and export VM images outside of Veertu for collaboration with other team members
Full screen mode for seamless windows experience on your Mac
Copy/Paste between OS X and windows virtual machine instances for increased productivity
Shared folder between OS X and guest VMs for windows VMs, to save resources on your Mac
Build and use Vagrant boxes


OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor

spring tu

Veertu Desktop 1.2

Veertu Desktop 2.9.7


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