Video Editor Enhancer – A Simple Tool to Increase Video Quality

Video Editor Enhancer is considered the simplest way to improve and enhance Video quality on Mac. Video Editor Enhancer tweaks itself to make the best video quality possible

In addition, Video Editor Enhancer also supports enhancing video resolution (for example, from HD 720 to Full HD). Self-adjusting brightness, removing noise, even partially reducing video shake


1. Upscale video resolution – a farewell to grainy video
Video Editor Enhancer enables you to increase the resolution of a video freely. It can make a normal video, even a relatively low resolution video filmed by your iPhone, to a HD 1080p or 4K movie. With this application, you can convert any grainy video to a video with higher resolution.

2. Adjust video brightness and contrast automatically
This best video editing and enhancing software is smart enough to automatically optimize video brightness and contrast ratio. A proper brightness and contrast ration are not only good for video displaying, but also beneficial to your eyes.

3. Remove video noises – Video Noise Sweeper
With splendid video enhancement technology, you can get rid of background noises from video that’s recorded by your smart phone. Video Enhancer has the ability of removing annoyed noises in video and giving you a neat video.

4. Merge or split video – Video Transformer
Just like a Transformer, this video editor app can freely merge two or more video segments into one and also can split a long video into several clips. It enables you to create your own video by cutting, trimming, and merging your recorded video segments.

5. Turn shaky video into smooth one – Shaky Video Stabilizer
Capture some important moments with your iPhone? These shaky videos made you dizzy? Deleted them? Wait! Video Editor Enhancer is designed to smooth out the shakiness from video captured from portable devices, such as iPhone, iPad, camcorder, or digital camera, etc.


OS X 10.5 or later

Video Editor Enhancer 1.0.29

Video Editor Enhancer 1.0.33

Video Editor Enhancer 1.0.71


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