What’s New on macOS 10.14 Mojave

With the name Mojave (named after the Mojave desert in California), the new version of macOS has added many interface upgrades, especially darktheme mode in nearly all applications, live wallpapers updated according to real-time of the day, etc., and has many other functions such as making the experience of both personal and professional users more efficient.

Dark Mode interface, live wallpaper, collect files on the desktop into groups

More details on the interface. The first big upgrade is that we have a dark mode in almost the entire operating system and applications such as Finder, Music, Photos, etc. This is something that countless Mac brothers have been waiting for years. , for a more beautiful, modern and luxurious workspace than before.

The second point is that macOS now has a live wallpaper feature and it will change according to the time of day. And more specifically, a great thing that users with a drag-and-drop desktop always look forward to: grouping files on the screen into stack groups, making it neater and easier to manage. So good. When necessary, users will click on these file groups, the files will appear as they were originally for users to find easier.

Finder has an additional file browsing mode Gallery
Next is about the Finder file browser. In addition to the new shape with Dark Theme, the new Finder on macOS will have a new file browsing mode called Gallery, allowing to browse image files with larger sizes, making it easier for us to get the images we are looking for. need to press space to preview, save more time.

Edit nhanh trong Quick Look
One of the other special features is about searching and processing files right in Quick Look. For example, you press space to preview and like in the past, you had to put it in Photos for basic editing, now those tools are added right in Quick Look, too convenient. Similarly, we can write notes on the found PDF file or simply edit, trim a video right in Quick Look…

Share camera between iPhone and Mac
Another point is to upgrade the functionality to work seamlessly between iPhone and Mac more efficiently. In the past we could copy on iPhone and paste on Mac, now with Continuity Camera function, that is expanded to more features and situations, allowing sharing Camera between iPhone and Mac, just scan a document on your iPhone, and the image is transferred to your Mac in near real-time. At the same time, users can also sit on the Mac and press the button to command the iPhone to take a photo.

New screen capture feature
Screen capture on macOS Mojave has also been upgraded. In the past, after taking a screenshot, the file would be generated immediately, now after pressing screenshot, an interface will appear that allows users to have many options with screenshots similar to on iOS. This screenshot also has an option located in the small corner that allows quick opening to edit images with Quick Look.

Apple News, Voice Memos, Home và Stocks
Every time a new mac is released, Apple adds more applications and in Mojave, we have an Apple News reader application, Voice Memos recording function, Homekit and Stocks market tracking. In addition, the security and performance functions have also been upgraded by the company.Safari security upgrade
Another point is the security function of Safari. If last year Apple blocked websites from tracking Safari users, now they extend this feature to social networking sites, specifically Facebook’s like button is no longer used to track users. more. Of course this is still only part of the privacy issue, but Apple’s retrofit on Safari will make it harder for third parties to breach.

New App Store
It’s been a long time since the App Store on Mac hasn’t been upgraded, but that’s gone on Mojave. App Store has now redesigned interface, software items are now brought down in a sidebar on the left. The app categories are divided into Discovery, working, creative, and gaming applications, and there is a dedicated section for programmers. Of course, the 2 tabs Categories and Updates are still kept. However, quite attractive is the Discovery tab, which displays notable apps that are updated every week, similar to how the App Store on iOS does.Release date
And as usual, macOS will officially release around September or October. The developer version will be released a few hours after the event ends, while the public beta will be released almost after 1 month, if you want to try it, look forward to it to be sure.

If you want to experience the new features immediately, follow the instructions in the following article:

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