World in Conflict Complete Edition – Game chiến thuật hấp dẫn

World in Conflict Is a fantasy strategy game set in what happens after the cold war of the world. But the content of the game is not history. The Cold War did not cool down but even heated up the bunkers, burning into military battlefields and bloody armed conflict filled with smoke and fire.

The basic gameplay of the game forces gamers to focus to gain control of each point one by one on the map. In some parts of the game you will have to connect many different weaknesses to be able to complete the set task. After each time you gain a special position on the battlefield, you will be able to control everything that goes on around you, and you will be able to strengthen your forces with free soldiers there.

Some notes:

– Patch game has patched multi player mode
– Add maps, play online as well
– To play online just create a new account either using your own Genuine Key OR using the one provided by UBISOFT (available on first launch).
– You can enter the key on the first launch.
The game can crash on the first run, just run again.
Set the graphics to a minimum and then gradually increase to know the endurance of the machine
– Dto turn “Soviet Assault” on or off, run the script inside “World in” OR enter the path “World in Games / World in Conflict – Complete Edition” and renamed “attack.dat.bak” to “attack.dat” to activate.=

Compatible: macOS 10.13 or later



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